The essentials

  • Venice International Art Biennale june - Novemben


    The Venice Biennale of Art is undoubtedly the most important and prestigious international art exhibition in the world. At each event it manages to create an extremely strong creative spirit capable of attracting not only high-calibre artists who willingly put themselves to the test, but also many visitors from all over the world. The first edition of the Biennale took place in 1895 and, since then and every two years, the most important contemporary artists come to the Biennale, creating debates, polemics, discussions but also a lot of inspiration. 
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  • Venice canaval in february


    Traditionally held in February, this carnival is surely the most famous in the world. The date is traditionally set 10 days before Ash Wednesday. Many people parade through the streets, sumptuously disguised and masked ...

  • Venice Mostra august 2020


    The Venice Film Festival is one of the world's leading film festivals on a par with Cannes and Berlin. An international competition, the famous Venice Film Festival takes place every September at the Lido di Venezia. For this sixty-eighth edition, the festival aims to encourage the broadcast and awareness of Danish cinema.

  • Theatre Biennial august 2020


    The Venice Biennale of Theatre takes place in August every odd-numbered year. It brings together more than 150 artists from some fifteen countries. This event gives rise to numerous theatrical performances, as well as exhibitions of paintings and photos, workshops, conferences, round tables and various artistic performances...